Frequently Asked Questions

gastroSystemWhat is a gastroenterologist?

The practice of gastroenterology involves the study and treatment of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Physicians who practice in these areas spend three years studying the specialized area called “Internal Medicine”, and then an additional two to three years of even more specialized education on the treatment of the digestive system itself. All our physicians are board certified in “Gastroenterology”. The doctors frequently lecture to other professionals and to the community on new aspects of gastroenterology therapies.

How do we get started?

Your doctor will get involved right from the start by conducting a “Patient History”. Some of the questions may not seem important, but sometimes small facts can make a big difference.

  • Your information will help us get a better idea of the nature of your problem, the diagnostic procedures we may recommend and the medications your body will tolerate, if necessary.
  • We will ask you to complete a form that contains personal data insurance information. This will enable us to maintain accurate data to file insurance claims on your behalf.

Please bring your insurance cards (and authorization forms, if required) with you at the time of your visit. Many times the visit cannot be completed without it.

Will I still need my family doctor?

Yes, you will. Should you have a problem which requires continuing treatment by us, your family physician will continue to advise and/or treat your other “non-gastroenterology” problems. Your family physician and your gastroenterologist often consult each other regarding your care.

With five doctors in the practice, will I only see one?

In the office setting you will see “your” doctor. If you need hospital care or in other urgent situations, however, the other doctors in our group may see you. This rotating schedule gives you the assurance that one of the physicians will always be available. Monday thru Friday, our office is staffed with trained gastroenterology nurses to provide our recommendations, and test result information as well.

What should I know about insurance?

Please remember that you are financially responsible to the physician and that your insurance company is financially responsible to you. We are certainly “on your side” to get the best reimbursement possible from your insurance company, and we will be happy to assist you with this as needed. You are responsible for obtaining a referral form from your primary care physician, as required by your plan.

We are “participating” physicians in Medicare and several HMO’s and PPO’s. Please feel free to discuss the specifics of your plan with our knowledgeable staff. Our billing number is (847) 696-2336. Medicare, Blue Shield, and numerous other insurance are transmitted through a computerized electronic billing system which shortens the time for your claim to be processed.

Note: Some procedures performed at our office involve sending biopsy specimens to the hospital pathology for analysis. When this occurs, you will receive a separate billing from both the hospital and pathologist. Pathologists and radiologists are often “out of network”.